Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask | Review

I apologise for starting another post like this, but I picked up my fair share of beauty products on my recent birthday day trip to Paris. Heading to the pharmacy, I was a little overwhelmed with this huge store filled to the brim with amazing skincare. My eyes were immediately drawn to the brand Formula 10.0.6, as their packaging is so bright yet so simple with the striking bold text taking up most of the product. Intrigued, I browsed all the products they had on display, and amongst the many masks they had on offer, I decided on the one targeted towards blemishes…

After a little research I realised that this brand is also widely available in the U.S., Canada and Austrailia (sadly not the UK) and the Deep Down Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask is available at Ulta here. This mask in particular, as the name would suggest, is ultimately supposed to deeply cleanse your skin and aid your skin towards a clearer complexion. It contains orange and bergamot, and it definitely has a strong orange scent, which is definitely something to take into consideration. In terms of texture, it is your standard mud mask. It is a pale peach shade and dries on your skin much like a typical clay/mud mask. As the packaging suggests, you leave it on for 15 minutes, which is about the time it takes to dry and then I rinse it off with a flannel. 

In terms of results, I wouldn’t say they were miraculous, but I don’t think I can say that about any mask I’ve tried. I will say that it seemed to help calm my active blemishes and made them go away a lot quicker than they normally would. It didn’t break me out, which, I have to admit, the scent did lead me to think that it may. For an affordable mask, I would say that this an excellent mask for those with blemish prone skin as it did seem to help clear mine up. Have you heard of/tried anything from this brand before? I’d love to try more.