What’s in my Travel Haircare and Body Bag | Blogmas Day #17

Today is the third instalment of my travel bag series, and today I bring you my body and haircare goodies. Now compared to the previous posts, these are far smaller categories for me. I’m not big into hair, and I tried to keep it quite simple when it came to body…

I love the Bumble and Bumble travel sets – I have bought the Surf one quite a few times now, as you get to try out three travel sized products for the price of one full size. This time, I decided to try out the Invisible Oil Set which includes a shampoo, a conditioner and the hair primer, which was something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now. It is essentially a heat protectant and a leave in conditioner – I will let you know my thoughts once I’ve tried. The other two products I have bought and two staples in my hair care routine. First we have the Charles Worthington Style Setter Dry Shampoo, which is one of my favourites – it is perfect for second (or third) day hair to soak up any oil, but its also great to freshen up and volumise the hair. I’m also bringing the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray, which I love to add extra volume and texture to the hair, to give a more lived in look. Finally, I am bringing my Tangle Teezer Compact which is perfect for travelling because it’s so small, and it’s really great at getting out tangles.  

I’m actually only bringing two products with me on this trip, both of which I received in my You Beauty Advent Calendar. First is the Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Shower Gel, which smells divine so I’m super excited to use this in the shower. Next up for a moisturiser I’ve packed the Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion. This also feels great when I tried it on my hand, so I’m sure this will be a winner – again, I will definitely give my thoughts on this. 

For some reason, these are the two categories I get a bit lazy on whenever I go away – I am bringing my straighteners, but whether or not I’ll actually use them is a different story. Are any of you like that? Or do you still go all out with hair and body on your travels?


Hair Care Routine | Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Review

I am no expert when it comes to hair – I prefer to be low maintenance when it comes to styling on an everyday basis, so I tend to look for products that can create nice textured hair without having to use much heat. A little background on my hair: it is relatively thick, it is naturally quite straight, and is very flat. Since I cut my hair shorter, I have paid more attention to adding more volume to my hair, as it is more likely to hold now I have less hair. There is a lot of hype around Charles Worthington products, and I have managed to make my whole routine full of them.

I love volumising shampoos – I have relatively greasy hair, and if I use anything too moisturising at the scalp, it builds up and I’d need to wash my hair again the next day. This shampoo is great for keeping my scalp clean – I usually wash my hair every other day, but with this one I could even leave it to the day after (with the help of dry shampoo, of course). This one is particularly good at creating voluminous styles as it very lightweight. The only downside perhaps is the scent. To me it smells a lot like Calpol… 
The conditioner is also really lightweight, which is also great for not weighing down the hair. I only apply conditioner from the middle to the tips of my hair, and I find this moisturising enough for everyday use. If you have dry hair this may not be enough for you. It has a similar scent to the shampoo.

This has often been deemed as the dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. I do agree that it is similar, but this has a much more hairspray-feel to it. To use this, I apply it on dry hair on the underneath sections of the hair near the roots. I find that this gives instant volume much like the Oribe offering, but has much more lasting power. This is probably my favourite product of the range – it gives lots of volume without having to tease or put that much effort in.

I admit, I’m a bit scared of mousse. Ever since the days that I used to use it to create those infamous crunchy wet-looking curls that everyone rocked in the Noughties, I have been quite put off the idea of it. However, I use this in the roots and through the lengths of the hair, brush through and then blow dry, and it creates great results. I find that mousse is the best product to use for true volume, and I find that the volume does last for a few days (with the help of the texturising spray of course). This product has made me want to try more volumising mousses – I am very interested in the Oribe mousse…

I thought it was mandatory to include an awkward selfie so I could show off my hair after having used all these products. Above is first day hair, where I blow dry it upside down until it is roughly 70% dry and leave the rest to dry naturally. I like that these products give my hair an effortless look, but still is nicely voluminous (at least compared to my incredibly flat hair anyway). I definitely recommend these products if you are on a budget and are looking to add some volume to your hair – I personally would much rather spend my money on makeup rather than haircare…