Best Of | The Beauty Loyalty Cards

I am a sucker for loyalty cards – beauty or not, if a shop offers me some sort of free loyalty scheme I will probably sign up. Admittedly, some are better than others, but I have saved some serious cash with some of these cards. Today, I bring you the best of the best, and which ones you should definitely have in your purse. 

The Boots Advantage Card

This is the obvious choice out of the bunch and probably the one that most of you have already, but it has to be mentioned because it is my most loved and used. This option gives you 4 points per £1 you spend, and each point equates to 1p. Although this on the surface doesn’t seem like you would build up points that quickly, Boots are constantly having offers and deals to get more points with your purchase, and if you shop as much in Boots as I do, you will have no trouble in racking up the points. What’s more is that every season they send you in the post a whole load of coupons that are tailored to what you buy most often in store. And they are even kind enough to give you double points for the whole month of your birthday! The only downside is that you have to have enough points to buy the item so you can’t use your points to pay for part of a purchase. 

Debenhams Beauty Club Card
This card is similar in idea to the Boots Advantage Card, yet it gives you 3 points per £1 spent on anything beauty. 1 point again equates to 1p, but instead you get a £5 reward for every 500 points you gain. Like Boots, they regularly have events that can give you more points for your money. What is good about this card is that you can use your rewards as money off your purchase. Also, being a Debenhams Beauty Club member, they send you a code every month to get free delivery off their website, which I use regularly. The only negative is that your rewards do expire, so if you don’t use them in the allotted time you will lose your hard earned points.

House of Fraser Recognition Reward Card
This is very similar to the Debenhams Beauty Club card in the sense that it gives your points rewards in £5 increments and they can be used to pay for part of your purchase. However, it does only give you 1 point per £1 you spend making it less worthwhile than the two former cards mentioned. However, this card can be used throughout the entirety of House of Fraser, so you can earn points for clothes, home and everything else. It is worth having in your collection, but when buying beauty products, I tend to bear in mind where I can earn the most points.

Liberty Loyalty Card
This is another card that gives your points rewards in £5 increments. You earn 1 point per £1 spent, and once you reach 150 points you receive a £5 reward. Even though I don’t go to Liberty that often, this is still a useful card to get as they sell beauty brands that aren’t readily available in other places which earn you points. Spending £150 would not be that difficult in Liberty, and the rewards are actually more cost effective that all of the other cards I have mentioned so far apart from Boots (effectively giving you a £5 reward at every £125 you spend). If you don’t live in London then this is not a complete waste of time for you to own this card, as points can also be redeemed online.

Space NK N.dulge Card
Last but certainly not least is the card that gives you the most points for your money. This is also a card that gives your rewards in £5 increments and you also gain 1 point per £1 spent. However you get your £5 reward when you gain 100 points, making this the most valuable card out of the 5. As a member you also receive a free birthday gift – this year I got a decently sized oil from Nuxe. They also give you complimentary beauty samples and invites to events in store. You can also spend and redeem points online.

Even if you don’t spend an awful lot on beauty products, I personally think it is still worth signing up for these loyalty schemes as your points will slowly add up, and even if you only save a little money, you are still saving. I will warn you, some of these cards become quite the enabler, and the thought of getting more points by spending more is always very appealing for me…