Manicure Monday #27 | Essie Lots Of Lux | Blogmas Day #15

If there’s any time of year that you can get away with obnoxious glitter on your nails, then it’s definitely now. I don’t tend to use any when it’s not the festive period, so my nails are often constantly sparkling. I was lucky enough for my boyfriend to give me the You Beauty Advent Calendar for my birthday, and amazingly, one day brought me this stunning Essie polish! It’s safe to say, that it was almost immediately on my nails, because, let’s be honest it looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Lots of Lux is described as a ‘shimmering lapis lazuli with a superfine matte finish’. I think the comparison to a gemstone is very apt here – it looks so interesting on the nails. It’s not a smooth finish, it definitely textured on the nails, but I think this is what makes it unique. It was very opaque, and although I did two coats, I probably could have got away with one. It is a nice formula, and stayed pretty chip free for a while.

So if you’re looking for a nice glamorous glitter this festive season, then definitely consider looking trying out Essie. What is your favourite glitter formula?


Manicure Monday #22 | Essie Sew Psyched

I love me an unusual nail colour. Sometimes the ugly colours are actually the ones I’m drawn to. And this is particularly when the autumn comes around and these dirty grungy colours are all the rage. I’ve had this one from Essie for a while now and I love pulling it out when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Sew Psyched is a cream-finish dirty olive green shade. As with many of the Essie polishes I have tired, the application is smooth and opaque and only needs two coats to reach the desired look. When I bought this, it wasn’t part of the diffusion line available at Boots and Superdrug, so my polish has a brush more on the thinner side. Unlike most bloggers, I actually prefer this brush – I find it easier for precise application. In terms of longevity this definitely delivers. It lasts well on my very chip-prone fingernails with a good top coat.

If you’re into the more unique A/W shades, then I’d definitely suggest picking this up, especially when Boots do a good deal. I only have a few Essie shades, but they are some of my favourites in my collection so I’m definitely in the market for a few more. What are your favourite Essie polishes? 


Manicure Monday #13 | Essie Blanc

White nails are definitely a love-hate thing. Often deemed as ‘tipex nails’, this trend tends to surface a lot during the warmer months, and some (including myself) see it as a fresh, clean look to the nails. I spilt the last white nail polish I had, so last summer when I was looking for a replacement, I instantly looked at the Essie stand – a brand that I often see as a reliable source for colours that are missing from my collection.

Essie Blanc is a completely pure white shade. I find that paler colours can be troublesome with their formula, and I tend to pay closer attention to their opacity than the brighter or darker shades. This one held up pretty close to my expectations, although I did end up putting on three coats for complete opacity. I think at two coats it would be enough for some, but I needed that tiny bit more colour. As all Essie polishes are concerned, it applied very smoothly and easily with its wide brush. Also like the other shades, the longevity is on point, and will last on my nails for a good while before chipping.

So unfortunately, I could not bring you the perfect white polish today, although this one does come close. If you are looking for a white polish, either for french manicures or all over colour like this post, then this is a good one to go for. Do you know of the perfect white shade?