Manicure Monday #13 | Essie Blanc

White nails are definitely a love-hate thing. Often deemed as ‘tipex nails’, this trend tends to surface a lot during the warmer months, and some (including myself) see it as a fresh, clean look to the nails. I spilt the last white nail polish I had, so last summer when I was looking for a replacement, I instantly looked at the Essie stand – a brand that I often see as a reliable source for colours that are missing from my collection.

Essie Blanc is a completely pure white shade. I find that paler colours can be troublesome with their formula, and I tend to pay closer attention to their opacity than the brighter or darker shades. This one held up pretty close to my expectations, although I did end up putting on three coats for complete opacity. I think at two coats it would be enough for some, but I needed that tiny bit more colour. As all Essie polishes are concerned, it applied very smoothly and easily with its wide brush. Also like the other shades, the longevity is on point, and will last on my nails for a good while before chipping.

So unfortunately, I could not bring you the perfect white polish today, although this one does come close. If you are looking for a white polish, either for french manicures or all over colour like this post, then this is a good one to go for. Do you know of the perfect white shade?


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