Update | New Years Eve in Paris, Uni Deadlines and Blogging Plans for 2015

Yes, I know. It’s been a while. But let’s just skip over all the excuses that I could currently be waffling about and give you a nice little update of what the last month has had in store for me…

Probably the most exciting thing in this post is that I got to spend a few days in Disneyland Paris over New Years Eve for one of my best friend’s birthday. I have only been to Disney once, and being very young and not even tall enough to ride Space Mountain, I can barely remember it. Let me just say that it was probably the most magical few days and allowed us to relive our childhood without seeming too insane. It was also amazing to avoid the stress that New Year is burdened with, and I got to spend it with some truly great people.

On my return from Paris came with the realisation that I had two rather large essays in for when I went back to uni. Final year of university hadn’t quite hit me until I really had to get stuck in and write an obscene amount of words in under two weeks. But those essays are behind me now, and scarily enough the end of my education is looming. It’s been a little bit daunting that I’ve suddenly had an epiphany that my days as a student are soon to be over, but I am actually quite excited to really get stuck into life.

Sadly with all this work and me galavanting on holidays over the christmas period, the blog had to take a back seat. However, after successfully completing Blogmas, I am more determined that ever to remain consistent with blogging. With a break has also come inspiration, so hopefully 2015 will bring some great posts. I have decided that my aim is to post 3 times a week – nothing too taxing, as I want to focus on really improving my content rather than posting for the sake of posting. The proposed schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but this is subject to change. 

I apologise for this seemingly randomly thrown together post, but I think it’s just what I needed to really get back into the swing of things. Consider this my very belated semi-new years resolutions post… Better late than never, right?

Update: I’m off to New York! | Blogmas Day #13

So I have some very exciting news to bring to you today! Exactly a month ago, I turned 21, and being extraordinarily lucky, my parents’ gift to me was a trip to New York! So today is finally the day that I set off on my trip, and even though I may not be very active on social media, I have actually scheduled enough posts to carry me throughout my trip. So over the next couple of days, I have quite a few travel-themed posts coming your way, so if you’re interested in having a nose through my makeup and other travel bags, then stay tuned. And of course, I will be writing a plethora of New York themed posts when I return!


Update | Where I’ve Been

I’ve finally finished my second year university exams *hooray!*, and that means I can finally get back into blogging. These exams were the first that actually counted towards my degree, so I thought it was important to give them my full attention. I have never worked so hard for exams in my life, so *fingers crossed* all of that has paid off! I also didn’t want to publish any posts with minimal effort, I preferred to wait until now when I can really perfect my posts and not send them out in a rush. The break has been great as it has made me realised how much I love writing this blog, and I have tons of inspiration for the upcoming months.

So, what happens next? In several moments of procrastination during my revision, I became very ambitious and decided I wanted to post every weekday in the summer. I have four months off uni and this is the perfect time to really get my teeth stuck into this blog and make it the best it can be. While I’m not promising anything, hopefully I will achieve this weekday schedule! Also stay tuned for some more fashion and lifestyle related posts…

I want to wish you good luck if you have/had any exams this year, and hope you’re all looking forward to the summer! Although the UK may not have the most fantastic weather in the summer, it will be nice to feel a little more carefree and less bogged down with work – I do get my reading lists for next year tomorrow though… Anyway I hope you’re all having a great weekend, and hope you’re ready for a lot more posts coming your way!

– Rachel Elizabeth x