Manicure Monday #22 | Essie Sew Psyched

I love me an unusual nail colour. Sometimes the ugly colours are actually the ones I’m drawn to. And this is particularly when the autumn comes around and these dirty grungy colours are all the rage. I’ve had this one from Essie for a while now and I love pulling it out when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Sew Psyched is a cream-finish dirty olive green shade. As with many of the Essie polishes I have tired, the application is smooth and opaque and only needs two coats to reach the desired look. When I bought this, it wasn’t part of the diffusion line available at Boots and Superdrug, so my polish has a brush more on the thinner side. Unlike most bloggers, I actually prefer this brush – I find it easier for precise application. In terms of longevity this definitely delivers. It lasts well on my very chip-prone fingernails with a good top coat.

If you’re into the more unique A/W shades, then I’d definitely suggest picking this up, especially when Boots do a good deal. I only have a few Essie shades, but they are some of my favourites in my collection so I’m definitely in the market for a few more. What are your favourite Essie polishes? 


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