Nars Indian Summer Eyeshadow Duo | Review

It’s a sad fact that in every beauty addict’s drawers that some products are going to get neglected. For me that was my Nars Eyeshadow Duos. I think its due to the packaging – the black opaque products seem to disappear amongst the more eye-catching ones I own, and I tend to forget what colours I even own. Recently, I decided to ‘shop my stash’ and amongst my Nars eyeshadows, there was one that I really wished I hadn’t forgotten about…

Indian Summer contains a light green-toned champagne shade, and a mustard shade. The mustard is definitely what I love about this palette. I have been loving using it in my crease, as it adds an interesting twist on a neutral look. Surprisingly it doesn’t show up too obnoxiously yellow, but it just adds an extra hint of warmth to a look. The other shade is also stunning – it is very metallic and pigmented. It is also a bit of a twist on a classic. It acts very much like a shimmery nude lid colour, but the hint of green adds a little bit more interest and quirkiness to it. 

So this may be an expensive product, but I would definitely say its worth it. There is something quite special and unique about the two colours, and that is what you wish for in higher end products. Would you spend this much on an eyeshadow duo? 


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