Hourglass Opaque Liquid Rouge in Empress | Review

Hourglass is a brand that everyone in the blogging world seems to be talking about and my first venture into the brand was about a year ago when I got talked into buying this Opaque Liquid Rouge in Empress (£23 here) at the Liberty counter. Empress is a deep burgundy shade with a matte finish.

The Claims:
A richly pigmented, silky smooth and velvety matte lip color that delivers extended wear without flaking or dryness. 

The Verdict:
The gunmetal packaging is very luxurious and compact, and when closing the product you hear that satisfying *click* which makes it bag and travel friendly. The flattened doe-foot applicator makes it easy to spread the product over the lips – although you have to be careful and be quite precise.

On first application, I wasn’t too keen. It wasn’t until I properly learnt how to apply it that it actually started to become one of my favourite lip products. I found (and also later discovered that Hourglass recommends) that the lips must be completely clean with no remaining balm or product and very well exfoliated. Then you must only apply one layer onto both lips and do not touch them together until they are completely dry – about 30 seconds does the trick. The product sets completely to a matte finish. The texture is creamy and silky and it applies completely opaque onto the lips. It isn’t drying and doesn’t flake as long as the lips were not dry to begin with. 

It lasts well throughout the day and holds up well through eating and drinking. However, it isn’t possible to retouch this lipstick – if this is a must, you have to remove it all before reapplying or it will flake on the lips. For me, this is a perfect fuss-free night out lipstick, as it will look good all night long. 

I am now very happy that I was talked into buying this and if you’re in the market for a high-end matte lipstick, this may be one to consider. Personally, I have my eye on some other shades (riviera and ballet – I’m looking at you). Someone hold my purse…


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