Manicure Monday #3 | Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street

Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street (£9.79 here)

Nails Inc are an extremely innovative nail brand, and their new launches are often really exciting. When I first spotted Queen Victoria Street in stores, I was mesmerised by the unique bright green shade but thought it was a little too garish and expensive to pick up. However, every time I would see it whilst I was shopping I would pick it up, adore it and then still refrain from buying it. I am glad that it is now in my collection, and if you’re one for bright and daring nail colours, this is definitely for you.

The shade didn’t photograph well – it is slightly deeper and more yellow toned in person, but it picks up the brightness. The Nails Inc formula is great and is one of the best for me in terms of chipping and longevity. The one con is the price; Beauty Bay are always discounted but they are still not cheap. For the uniqueness of the shade and the quality of the formula I would personally say it is worth the extra cost.

There goes another Manicure Monday… Keep your eyes peeled for next week for a very christmassy edition – expect lots of glitter!


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