Manicure Monday #9 | Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Mocha

Matte nails are something that I’ve never quite fallen in love with. I love the idea of them, but there’s something not as satisfying as the really glossy nail I’m used to (thanks to Seche Vite). Barry M recently launched their matte range, and because they’re not too expensive – and it would be rude to turn down 3 for 2 – I thought I’d pick up three of the shades to see if I could get into the whole matte nail trend.

The Matte Nail Paint in Mocha in the bottle looks like a warm mid-tone brown. It applies to the nails much as you would expect a regular cream finish polish would and looks shiny. However in about a minute it starts to dry to a matte finish. I did two coats, and it was very smooth and even in texture. However, what I found odd about this polish – and maybe it’s due to nature of the matte formula – is that it dried to a completely different colour to what it looks like in the bottle. It ended up being a cool milk chocolatey colour, and it some lights looks almost like a purpley-taupe. I did like the colour it ended up being, but the bottle itself is a bit misleading. I wouldn’t say that the finish is completely matte either – my nails still reflect some light, but they do look almost matte.

I don’t know if I was expecting too much from this polish but it leaves me a little dissatisfied. It wasn’t as matte as I was hoping, but I don’t know if that is as matte as the usual formulas get. The colour-changing aspect also brings this product down for me as it is quite deceiving, and I do really like the colour in the bottle. So all in all, Barry M haven’t made me fall in love with matte nails, but heres hoping that another brand can. What are your thoughts on matte nails? Do you love this trend?


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