3 Orange Lips

Lipsticks are definitely my thing – if you hadn’t noticed in the background of most of my pictures, I have several drawers full to the brim of them. I will wear pretty much any colour, but when it comes to bold lips – and especially because summer is approaching – I tend to gravitate towards orange tones. I find they look great with a tan, and really bring out the blue in my eyes. I think there is an orange lip out there for everyone, from the bright lipstick-phobes to the bold lipstick obsessives. Today I bring you three of my favourites, from the sheer to the in-your-face loud orange.

Let’s begin with the sheerest of the three. The release of the Lip Butters sent the blogging world into a frenzy, and everyone couldn’t get enough of these. This is a slightly newer shade of the bunch, and is a sheer yet bright orange. The formula of these is really great – they apply with the feeling of a lip balm and are really comfortable on the lips. However, unlike some other tinted lip balms, they still deposit a decent amount of colour on the lips. If you’re a little afraid of orange lipsticks then this would be a good place to start. You’re not quite committing to the full-blown bright lip, but it leaves a nice sheer wash of orange. This is a great low maintenance option that you can throw on in the morning and not have to worry too much about it. 

If you are a lover of red lipsticks but you’re not quite ready for a full blown orange lip, then an orange-toned red may be one to try. The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils – another product everyone loves – are amazingly formulated. If you love a matte lip then you need one in your collection. The pencil form makes it so easy to apply, they are so creamy and pigmented and best of all, unlike some matte formulas, they don’t dry out your lips. Red Square is a really vibrant orange-toned red which is perfect for the summer months. This shade is a nice modern twist on the classic red lip, and is another one that will suit so many different skin tones.

I mentioned this lipstick in my top Mac lipsticks post here, and it is one of my favourite and go-to bright lips. It is probably one of the most famous orange lipsticks, and is definitely worth the hype. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted – it is described as a ‘loudmouth orange’ for a reason. It is a bright orange with a slight red undertone, making it easy to wear. The formula on this is beautiful – it has the right amount of moisture to make it comfortable, but it is still extremely pigmented and long-lasting. If you want to go all out, this is one you have to have.

(Apologies for the inconsistencies in lighting – I couldn’t quite get Morange to show up true to life, so I used the picture from my previous post!)

If you liked the format of this post, I have also showcased three of my favourite red lipsticks here. I’m sure that I will do the same with all my other favourite lip colours to wear…


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