Balance Me Radiant Face Oil

I’ve been looking to ramp up my relatively simple skincare routine (read about both my morning and evening routines here), and I, surprise surprise, read about this one on Caroline’s blog. My skin’s been quite dehydrated recently – not to be confused with dry, my skin skill gets oily throughout the day but there are patches on my face that seem like they drink up foundation or anything I put on my skin. As I was reading up more about this product, it seemed that it would a good place to start for my first ever facial oil.

balance Me radiance face oil

The Claims:
Smooth away the years with our highly emollient, 100% natural face oil. Skin lacking in lustre is enhanced with a rich, replenishing blend of naturally active and smoothing ingredients. Don’t be afraid to use if your skin is prone to congestion as oil on oil is extremely balancing, hydrating and comfortable to wear.

The Verdict:
If you have oily skin like me, the idea of putting more oil on your face is daunting and seems quite disgusting. However, this oil is targeted at all skin types, and as I quoted enough, it is supposed to help balance the skin’s natural oils. I have been using this for almost a month now, and I have noticed a huge difference with my skin. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in terms of my dehydration – my foundation seems to stay on longer on my skin, and overall my skin is looking a lot less dull. I had quite a bad hormonal breakout but this oil really helps on clearing the skin.

To apply, you pop a couple of drops from the pipette (love the packaging) and then massage over your skin. It does feel quite greasy when putting on the skin, but there’s something quite luxurious about it. I use this post-hydraluron and pre-moisturiser in my nighttime routine. I don’t use it in the morning like it suggests as I think it would be too heavy under makeup, but if you have extremely dry skin (or I’m not wearing makeup that day) I think it would be perfectly fine to wear in the daytime. 

If I (or Caroline) has managed to convince to buy this, I highly recommend that you order it from Debenhams. They have a programme called the Try Something New Guarantee which means they will send a free sample of the oil along with your order so that you can try it out before opening the bottle just in case your skin really doesn’t get along with it. The sample lasted me about a week, which I think is enough time to tell whether your skin is reacting badly to it. It isn’t really an apt length of time to see a huge improvement in your skin, but if you have sensitive skin, this is a great solution so you don’t waste money! balance Me is also a great natural brand if that is one of your beauty concerns. 

I couldn’t be more positive about this product, it really is a welcomed addition to my routine. It is a slightly pricey purchase, but its cheaper than some of the other facial oils on the market. As I’ve said before, I really believe investing in skincare is important – if I’m going to break the bank for anything, it has to be for skincare.


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