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I’m not one to try too many brow products – I’ve found one I like (Mac Eye Brows in Fling if you’re wondering) and I have consistently repurchased. This may come as a surprise as I am quite fickle when it comes to other makeup categories… However, when there is a lot of hype around a product, I do become a little intrigued, and normally it’s not too long before it’s in my basket and coming home with me.

The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist (£5.99) comes in three shades. Having blonde hair, I picked up the shade light. My eyebrows are quite dark, but I tend to pick lighter shades so that they don’t look too stark against my hair or skin. This pencil is quite a sheer formula, which I quite like in a brow pencil – it makes it much harder to go overboard. It’s also quite a hard pencil, which is great if you want a more natural look, and will last longer than a creamier formula as you won’t use as much product. In terms of the shade, it matches perfectly with my brows – it isn’t too warm and orangey or too cool and grey. It sits in the middle, creating a natural looking shade. The pencil is quite thick, which makes it hard to create individual brush strokes, but if you only need to fill in sparse areas, this isn’t an issue. It also has really good lasting power.

The addition of the spoolie is one of the best aspects of this product. A lot of brow products are including them now, and I think that they all should. Brushing the brows up before applying the pencil allows you to shape your brows, and then brushing them through after application makes them look much more natural.

Below is a before and after of my brows:

As you can see, I have pretty full brows, but they are a little bit sparse, particularly at the front. This brow product is great for natural looking brows, and I would say great for those who haven’t tried brow products before. It’s pretty foolproof, and almost impossible to have a heavy hand. I really like this brow pencil – I don’t know if it has quite overtaken my love for the Mac offering, but it is definitely a close one. 


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  1. I've heard amazing things about Sleek and that eyebrow pencil looks like it would live up to my expectations. I'm currently using a rimmel pencil for my brows and its proving to be rubbish. I might take up your review and go and purchase one of those bad boys!

    Something about Carey

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