Tom Ford Wild Ginger

An orangey-red is possibly my favourite lip colour to wear ever. There is something about a bright punchy firey-red that is so striking, yet really flattering and easy to wear. Every time I went to a Tom Ford counter I always had to swatch this on my hand but just couldn’t justify the price tag. Apparently my boyfriend was taking notes as I ended up receiving this as an anniversary present!

Wild Ginger is a bright orange based red. When you first apply this lipstick it is very creamy and leaves quite a creamy and glossy finish but as it wears throughout the day the sheen fades and it becomes more matte. For a creamy lipstick this is surprisingly long lasting – it stayed on my lips through eating and drinking. Also can we take a moment to swoon over the packaging? Stun-ning. 

This is obviously a splurgy purchase at £36, and I wouldn’t say that you need this in your life. If money isn’t an issue then it is definitely a great luxury purchase, or if you love the shade, maybe its something to put on your next christmas or birthday wish list! Having the lipstick, I am absolutely head over heels in love with it and I probably would repurchase or ask for it again if I ran out (however I am one of those weird people that for ages after I get it still apply it from the back so I don’t ruin the embossed TF!)

What is your opinion on luxury makeup? Do you think it’s worth the money?


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