The Most Coveted Eyeshadow Palette | Lorac Pro Review and Swatches

For the past several times that someone I know has gone to the U.S., I have checked if there is an Ulta near to where they were staying. Who knew that they were actually somewhat of a rarity in the States?! So sadly this had made my quest for the Lorac Pro Palette seem very unlikely. However, it wasn’t until my boyfriend’s mum was about to travel to the States and, as usual, I did my background check and unsurprisingly had no luck, that my boyfriend suggested that I could have it delivered to her hotel… Brilliant! Yet this was not the happy ending to my story – both the Lorac and Ulta websites did not allow a non-US billing address. Not yet completely devoid of all hope, I continued my search and stumbled across several Lorac items on, realising that they actually sell their official products. With a very reasonable international shipping fee, it was in my basket and in my hands within a week. I could not have been happier…

Rambling introductions aside, the Lorac Pro Palette retails for $42. It consists of 16 neutral shadows – the top row matte, and the bottom shimmers. This is where the palette earns its well-deserved hype – the inclusion of so many mattes allows this to be a palette where you really don’t need any other shade to create so many looks. Let’s not forget the formula; it is one of the most buttery and smooth that I have ever come across. The shimmers are metallic but not filled with obnoxious glitter; the mattes are beyond smooth and apply so effortless onto the eye. My favourites are taupe (best transition shade), sable (stunning warm brown), Lt. Bronze (light shimmery gold) and Garnet (beautiful shimmery red-copper). The only shade I was a little disappointed with was white as it isn’t 100% matte – I could detect some shimmer in it, but it still performs well and is by no means a dud shade. 

The packaging also gets a massive thumbs up from me. When I opened the box I was shocked at how thin it is, making it ideal for travelling. The outside does seem like it will get a bit grubby (similar to Nars), but that can be overlooked. On the down side, I was also not too impressed with the included eye primer. I have particularly oily eyelids and am in love with the Nars Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base and the Lorac offering really didn’t compare.


All in all, this is currently my most used and favourite makeup item. As you may be able to tell from my recent reviews, I have bought my fair share of eyeshadow palettes recently, but this is by far the best of the best. If only I hadn’t missed out on the Mega Pro… 


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