Manicure Monday #25 | Kiko Nail Lacquer 240 Apple Red | Blogmas Day #1

Welcome to Blogmas! I will be posting every day from now up to Christmas Eve, which is both scary but exciting! Since Manicure Monday is somewhat of a tradition for me now, there seems no better way to kick off this blogathon. Now I have written my fair share about Kiko now, and their nail polishes are definitely something worth looking into. There are a ridiculous number of shades in the line, but today we are talking about one that is very seasonally appropriate…

Kiko Nail Lacquer in 240 Apple Red is a classic burgundy shade. It is slightly more brown-toned that blue-toned which makes the ideal A/W shade. As with all the other Kiko polishes I have tried, the formula is on point. It stays chip-free for days, is opaque with two coats, and looks incredibly glossy and amazing on the nails. I’m also a huge fan of the brush on these – I am quite partial to a thinner brush as I find them to be much neater and easier to control. 

Burgundy shades are so classic for this time of year, and I think its probably one of the easiest colours than anyone can pull off. It injects colour without being too garish, but isn’t so dark that it is really intense. What is your favourite colour to rock in the festive season?


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