Bite Beauty Lip Lab | Making my own lipstick!

While I was in New York, there was one beauty-related activity that I really had to do – it was also the only thing I actually booked prior to our trip. In case you weren’t aware, the brand Bite Beauty, which currently only sells lip products, have a store in Prince Street, New York City, called their ‘Lip Lab‘. Here, with the help of the lovely workers there, you can make your own customised lipstick. What is also incredible about Bite is that they are a completely natural brand. As a self-proclaimed lipstick addict, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do this, so a few weeks before we went, I emailed them securing an appointment.

Firstly, you are asked what finish you want your customised lipstick to be: crème, matte, sheer or deluxe. The first three of these finishes are $36 and the deluxe is $48. Then you have to decide on what the specific shade will be. The girl who helped me was so lovely and made up a few shades in order to make sure that I was 100% pleased with the finished result. As you can see from the picture above, they have such a huge variety of colours which they can mix, meaning you can practically achieve any shade. 

After trying on the different shades that she had concocted, it was then for me to decide the scent of the lipstick; the choices being cherry, vanilla, mint, citrus, mango, violet and superfruit. You are also allowed to mix scents, making these lipsticks even more customisable that I had initially imagined. The final element to decide is the shape of the packaging. What I love about the packaging is that they represent the way different lipsticks are wore down by different application methods, meaning that you can pick the one that matches the shape of yours! After this appointment, which took about 15 minutes, the lipstick then has to be made, which took around 10 minutes. 

So what did I pick? I went in with the idea of a bright warm red-toned pink, as this is probably my favourite bright shade to wear. Think Mac Impassioned. I wanted to get a bright shade simply because I find them much more exciting! They give you your specific shade combination on a card, so that if you ever were to run out of the shade, you could easily get it made up again. I went with a matte finish – I wouldn’t say this formula is completely matte, but more a satin, which is nice because it isn’t drying. It is very long-lasting and incredibly easy and creamy to apply. For the scent, I opted for a combination of vanilla and violet, which smells delicious

I had such an incredible time at the lip lab, and would recommend it to any lipstick lovers out there. If (or hopefully when) I go back to New York, I will definitely going back to create another amazing shade. It may at a first glance seem quite pricey, but for the service and the finished product, it really is worth every penny. Would you create your own personalised lipstick? What shade would you go for?


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