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I, like many others, have been anticipating Make Up Forever’s launch in the UK for some time now, and my heart practically leaped out of my chest when Debenhams announced that they would be the official stockist. So, come the morning of May 19th, I was on my computer browsing the range immediately (perfect excuse for a revision break). Obviously, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and this happened…

It’s safe to say I was pretty taken by their travel sized versions, and saw it as a perfect way to try out some of their products without committing to the full size. The first of these I picked was the Step 1 Smoothing Primer. As you may know from this post is that I am pretty loyal to my Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, so I am always willing to try one that is slightly more affordable. My skin hasn’t been at its best recently – I blame exam stress – so I thought it could definitely use some smoothing. I also decided to pick up the Mist & Fix as I used to use setting sprays all the time but I just haven’t repurchased for some reason or another. If this isn’t great as a setting spray, I thought it could be useful for using products wet. The final travel-sized product I bought was the Instant Brush Cleanser. I pretty much always use the Mac Brush Cleanser but I’ve just run out, so I thought it would be worth trying something new. I also love the idea of having a smaller size for travelling as I usually try and decant mine but it always leaks and it drives me insane.
Moving on to the colour purchases I made, I knew instantly that I had to repurchased the Aqua Lip liner in 3C. I got a smaller version in a lip set from Sephora back in December and fell in love immediately (full review here), and seeing as that is on its last legs I had to treat myself to another. Because I already knew I loved the formula I decided to also pick up 18C which is a gorgeous coral shade, a colour which I don’t currently have in my lip liner wardrobe. The final product in my rather spendy order was the Aqua Cream in 12. I have a couple of these already so I am familiar and rather fond of the formula, and on googling swatches this gorgeous golden bronze really caught my eye. 
I am so excited about all of the products I ordered so expect reviews in the near future (and possible future hauls…). Did you pick up anything from the Make Up For Ever Launch? What are your favourites from the brand? I need to make my way to Oxford Street asap to browse more of the products in person...

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