A Rather Mauve Mac Haul

I am having a very mauve moment recently. Every time I pass a makeup counter every lipstick and blush I swatch are all exactly the same colour, and I don’t hate it. Now this is probably down with how much I love Kylie Jenner’s makeup but also how flattering this shade actually is. I have been really loving it as opposed to a nude lip, as it is still neutral but adds a hint of colour to liven up the skin.

So this all started when I accumulated another empty products for Back to Mac. In case you weren’t aware, once you have six finished products from Mac, you can take them into the store and you receive a free lipstick as an incentive for recycling. This time I decided to pick up Mehr which is currently a popular choice in the blogging and YouTube worlds. Mac describes it as a ‘dirty blue pink’ with a matte finish. Mac’s matte lipstick have somewhat of a tainted reputation for being incredibly drying, but personally I find that Mehr (and the rest of the matte lipsticks from Mac that I own) are incredibly creamy to apply, and although they may not be physically hydrating, they are comfortable on the lips. The biggest selling point for this formula is definitely its longevity; this will stay on your lips all day long.
The other mauve purchases where definitely impulsive. On the way back from Bali in Jakarta airport I had some leftover Rupiahs. Let’s just say I saw the mac counter and the rest is history… As many of you may know, the lip pencil in Whirl is consistently sold out, so I thought it may be worth asking if they had it in stock. When the makeup artist confirmed that they did, I knew I had to snatch it up immediately. This is described as a ‘dirty rose’, and I would say it is a slightly deeper version of Mehr. The Mac lip liners are not necessarily my favourite formula as they are not very creamy, but I love the colour so much that I’m willing to look past it. I was then (obviously) swatching all of the other mauve lipsticks I could spot, and came across Fast Play which I had never heard of. It has an amplified creme finish, which is definitely one of my favourites, and is described as a ‘neutral pink’. This is a gorgeous lipstick. It is incredibly creamy, pigmented, and although it is slightly glossy, it holds up really well on the lips. If you aren’t into a matte lip but love the mauve trend, I would highly recommend this one.
Fast Play
I am patiently waiting for the Mac matte lip collection to reach the UK so I can purchase Whirl in lipstick form! Are you into the mauve or matte lip trend? What are your faves? Mac lipsticks (£15.50) available here and lip pencils (£12.50) here.

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