My Top Healthy Living Tips

Making healthier life choices can be a struggle, but over the last year or so I have become far more interested and invested in being healthy. I won’t lie and say I never over-indulge in sugary treats, but I have accumulated several tips that have helped me stay on track.


Eating healthily is not something I find too difficult, but with long days at work and not a lot of time to think about food, it can be easy to opt for convenience over nutrition. Something that really helps is cooking food in bulk at the weekends to take for lunch in the week or heat up in the evening for an easy dinner. I have a huge list of bookmarks on my phone (mainly from BBC Good Food) of easy and healthy recipes that have become my go-to and as long as I plan out the week then it becomes pretty easy to maintain. 
I have also started to incorporate more Omega-3 into my diet to boost overall cardiac and bodily health, but also for healthier skin, nails and hair. I have been taking the Wiley’s Finest Easy Swallow Minis every day and have noticed a huge difference in energy levels and the way my skin looks.


I have come to absolutely love exercising, and that is all thanks to Fitness Blender. I am currently working my way through one of their FB30 plans, which gives you 8 weeks worth of workouts that are 30 minutes or under. The plan includes a combination of HIIT, strength, cardio and much more, which is great to keep things from getting repetitive. The best part about these plans is they are so affordable at around £10 and all the workouts are available on YouTube.
I think the toughest part of it all is starting, but I can promise you that once you start to feel the benefits of eating well and looking after your body, you won’t want to turn back. What are your healthy tips and tricks? 


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