MaskerAide Sheet Masks | Review

I have a serious obsession with face masks; I am constantly on the search for the best face masks that you can really notice the results instantly. In the recent months I have particularly been into hydrating masks that I wear overnight in place of a moisturiser, to give my thirsty skin an extra boost of hydration. This is where my interest in sheet masks began… 
The MaskerAide Sheet Masks come in six different formulas, so there is one for most skin concerns. They are eco-friendly as the sheet itself is 100% biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. They are also all-natural and vegan friendly, which is a definite bonus. The sheets themselves are infused with Argan Oil and are drenched with nourishing ingredients that your skin will love. 
Pre Party Prep aims to ‘brighten, prime and energise’ the skin, making it perfect to use before a big event to get your skin looking its best. Its key ingredient are orange peel oil, super fruit extracts, rice extract and honey to leave your skin with a velvety-smooth finish.
I Don’t Wanna Grow Up is said to ‘lift, firm and soften fine lines’, making it a great addition for those starting to get into anti-aging skincare. It contains ingredients such as natural Ylang-Ylang oil, Argan oil, vitamin E, hydrolysed collagen and elastin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and deeply hydrate the skin. 
The All Nighter Mask, one of my personal favourites, aims to ‘awaken, replenish and refresh the skin. Said to be Kim Kardashian’s favourite mask to help de-puff her skin after a night of crying, this is an amazing option for those with dehydrated or lack-lustre complexions. It cools the skin with the help of natural peppermint oil, aloe, Argan oil, heartleaf, honey, super fruit and cactus extracts.
Beauty Rest’ore helps to ‘restore, regenerate and repair’ the skin. This mask is a hydrating powerhouse infused with Argan oil, super fruit extracts, green algae and Vitamn E.
Detox Diva aims to ‘cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify’. It contains geranium oil, seaweed, green tea extracts and Chinese plum, strawberry and lemon fruit extracts. This is still really hydrating, which I find amazing for a ‘detoxifying’ mask, but really helps to calm any blemishes or imperfections on the skin without being stripping or drying.
Weather Warrior is the final mask in the MaskerAide line up that says to ‘calm, soothe and heal’ the skin from the elements such as wind, extreme cold or harmful UV rays. Its key ingredients include aloe, green tea, witch hazel and argan oil to soothe and moisturise the skin. This is a great option to take on any holiday as they are very travel friendly and compact.
I am so in love with everything about these masks; the packaging is adorable, and the ritual of a sheet mask is surprisingly relaxing despite how terrifying you look! I love how much product is left on the skin when you remove the sheet, and I tend to just let the serum sit until it is completely absorbed. At £5 a piece they aren’t the most expensive option on the market, but definitely a treat, and a perfect addition to any pampering session.
Have you got on board with the sheet mask trend yet? Let me know your fave brand in the comments!


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