Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms | Review and Swatches

I was a little late on the bandwagon on these – every Boots and Superdrug I went in to, the stands were really messy and half of the shades were missing. But finally, after rifling through the drawers underneath the displays, I picked up three shades on 3 for 2 at Boots. I have been so excited for these ever since I heard American bloggers and youtubers talking about them months ago, and I am so happy these have finally hit the UK. The Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms retail for £7.99, and are still currently on offer at Boots.

I picked up three shades: Standout, a deep blue-toned red, Shameless, a true rich purple and Elusive, a neutral yellow-based mid-tone pink. I’ve found that all shades perform quite consistently, which is great to see across a range. They apply with a slightly satin finish, but I found that they dry much more matte. The pencil shape makes them really easy to apply – they are much more precise than a regular-shaped lipstick. All three are very creamy and incredibly pigmented. What is great about this formula is that isn’t too drying, which can be the downfall of some matte lipsticks.

The only con I’ve noticed is that they aren’t as long wearing as other matte formulas that I own – especially the Mac mattes and the Nars Velvet Matte Lip pencils. Saying that, they do hold up relatively well throughout the day, even when eating food and drinking. The formula just means you have to take extra steps to making it last longer – I find blotting and reapplying several layers works well. 




All in all, I would definitely recommend these lip products. They haven’t topped the list of my favourite matte formulas, but they are definitely good option. If you are new to matte lips, these might be a good place to start as they’re easy to apply and not to expensive. Have you picked up any of these?


Manicure Monday #10 | Bourjois Amande defile

Spring is officially here! At least on my nails anyway. The sun has decided to show its face a bit in England and it’s got me craving those pretty pastel colours that I love every year. Upsettingly, this should have been a post about Essie Mint Candy Apple – a cult favourite – but as I was just about to apply I noticed that it was all gloopy and I had barely any left! This could call for my first every nail polish repurchase…

Regardless, I decided to choose the Bourjois Paris So Laque Nail Enamel in Amande Defile, which is quite similar to the Essie option, but perhaps a smudge lighter – a pale duck egg blue shade. This formula really is gorgeous – it’s opaque (which can be an issue for pastel colours), long lasting and incredibly shiny. Bourjois is a slightly more expensive brand on the high street, this polish coming in at £5.99, but I think the formula is good enough to warrant that still affordable price tag. The rest of the shades also look gorgeous and I’m surprised I haven’t already picked more up! This is one of my favourite summer shades, and it was one of my most worn of last year.

I have yet to try Bourjois’ 1 Seconde formula, which is raved about a lot, but if it is anything like this formula then I’m sure I will love it! Have you tried any Bourjois nail polishes?


Loreal True Match Foundation | Review

I have completely hopped on the bandwagon with this one. L’Oreal True Match Foundation is one of the most popular and talked about foundation in the blogging and youtube worlds. I was never that interested in trying it until one of my favourite bloggers Amelia Liana claimed it to be a dupe for my all time fave Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk – read my review here. Giorgio Armani is owned by L’Oreal, so it would be no surprise if the formulas were actually very similar. Now I thought this was a a big claim, and I just had to try it out for myself.

The Claims:

In 20 true-to-skin shades across warm, cool and neutral tones, True Match 
super-blendable liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its fine, creamy texture.The result: Flawless coverage

The Verdict:

I was very shocked at actually how similar it is to Luminous Silk. It has the exact same silky feeling, and although it feels really thin in consistency, it provides medium to full coverage. It has that same somewhere in between matte and dewy finish, which makes it look very natural. To my surprise, it looks good in photography, despite the inclusion of SPF 17 (what a random number!), something that the Giorgio Armani offering doesn’t have. 

One difference I have noticed is the buildability. With Luminous Silk I could keep building layer and it would never look heavy or cakey, but I find with True Match that it can head that way if I go overboard. However, it gives a good enough coverage in one layer that I don’t find I need to go in with other layers. I don’t find the staying power quite as good either – it’s still impressive, but my skin doesn’t look quite as good for as long as LS.

Saying that, I still really love this foundation, and at £9.99, it is less than a third of the price of Luminous Silk. This a great foundation in its own right, and has topped the list of my favourite budget foundations. There is a great shade range – there are options of warm, neutral and cool shades. I picked up the shades W1 and W4, which are both great yellow-toned colours, which I can mix or use separately depending on the time of year or whether I’m fake tanned (W4 is very similar to 5.5 in luminous silk by the way). If you’re in the market for a new foundation, and you can’t stretch your budget, then I’d definitely suggest giving this one a go. It hasn’t topped my love for Luminous Silk, but it definitely comes close, which will definitely save me some money!