Manicure Monday #4 | Festive Nails

I always overload on the glitter at Christmas, and I decided that this year I would attempt some sort of nail art. I am in no way talented at nail art, so this look is definitely simple and easy to do. This is my attempt at a glitter gradient…

For this look you will need 3 nail varnishes – one colour to go as a base, a glitter that is the same colour as the base, and a second glitter of a different colour (I think multicoloured which have the base colour in look especially good). I started by painting a layer of Kiko Nail Enamel in 240 Apple Red as my base colour and as this is a very opaque polish I only needed one coat. Then I painted Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in 150 Red Glitter (Barry M are great for inexpensive glitter polishes!) on the top two thirds of the nail, making sure the top third of the nail was thicker and gradually painting on less polish towards the bottom. Then finally I used China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Twinkle Lights (unfortunately limited edition!) on the top third of the nail, trying not to create two harsh lines by slightly staggering the glitter.

I think the combination of red, gold and green is so festive, but this look could work for any time of the year by changing up the colours. It would look great on new years eve with dark navy or purple. I don’t know how often I will venture into nail art on Manicure Mondays, but this is a nice tame start…


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