Manicure Monday #6 | How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

From left to right: Barry M Superdrug 347 (Limited Edition), Maybelline Color Show Brocades in 220 Knitted Gold, Barry M 355 Gold Mine Glitter, Models Own Hedkandi in Ibiza Mix, Barry M in 150 Red Glitter

I love glitter nail polish, and I’m particularly drawn to them around this time of year – as you can probably tell from my last two Manicure Mondays posts. Pictured above are some of my current favourite glitters – I tend to gravitate towards budget brands, and in particular Barry M, as I don’t wear them too often and they do have a really great colour selection in Boots and Superdrug. The only thing that I don’t like about glitter is that is a pain to remove. I wouldn’t recommend scrubbing at your nails with a cotton pad and nail varnish remover as you may with standard nail polish as this can greatly damage and scratch the nails. Read more for my safe and easy way to remove glitter polish…

What You’ll Need:

– 5 Cotton Pads, torn in half
– Some aluminium foil, ripped into 10 pieces
– Nail varnish remover (any will do)
Firstly, I soak the cotton pad in nail varnish remover, and place over the nail, ensuring that the whole nail is covered with product. I then took one of the pieces of tin foil and wrapped it around the finger and cotton pad, then squeezing to secure. I tend to do this one hand at a time because it can get quite fiddly when most of your fingers are wrapped in foil! I leave these on my fingers for around 10 minutes, to ensure that all of the varnish has come off. Then carefully slide and remove and everything should be removed!

I hope this tip was useful, and that glitter won’t be such an annoyance in the future. 


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