Happy New Year! | My Beauty Resolutions

After some much-needed family and friend quality time over Christmas and New Year, it is time for me to get back in the swing of reality. This may seem a little late to start making resolutions, but I have been quite motivated beauty-wise and particularly about this blog…

Well first and foremost, I finally bit the bullet and got half my hair chopped off. I had my hair this length about two years ago, but didn’t really know how to style it, so just grew it out to the extremely long length I had. It was feeling extremely unhealthy, and now that its been cut it’s feeling so fresh. Hair is my main beauty resolution of this year – I want to take care of it right now before waiting for the split ends to return, and I want to be able to style my hair better.

In terms of the blog, my main goal is to become more scheduled. I have lots of ideas for new serial posts – Monthly Favourites being amongst them. If possible,  I want to figure out 3 days a week that I can post, and this will keep me constantly motivated. One post that will definitely be coming up soon is my skincare routine – I love skincare and I want to incorporate more into this blog. Watch this space this year for even more reviews, tutorials and much more.

It wouldn’t be a resolution post without including some cliches, now would it? Fitness and good health is a huge goal of mine for 2014, as is everyones, but I really want to become want to get back into the swing of the gym and eating healthily. I got into a good habit of drinking lots of water for a bit in December, and I want to really focus on this as I noticed a huge difference in my skin and overall energy levels. 

It feels good to write down these goals and it has got me even more motivated for the year to come – I highly recommend that you do the same. New Years shouldn’t be the reason to change your life, and you shouldn’t wait for it to change, but for me it’s always good motivation after Christmas to really get my life in gear! I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014, and all the best of luck with your resolutions (if you have any!).


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