Manicure Monday #5 | New Years Eve Nails

When it comes to nails at New Year, I always like to amp up the sparkle, and I usually go for a deeper colour as the base. This years look is very cliche, and somewhat reminds me of fireworks in a night sky, very appropriate for the occasion. Its also nice on New Year to pay extra attention to the way your nails go with your outfit and accessories, whether they match or contrast.

For this nail look I used Barry M Nail Paint in Navy which is a really nice long wearing navy colour. Barry M are really great for those on a budget – they’re only £2.99 and they have a really great shade range. They are also really great quality, proving that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot in the nail department. For the glitter, I used Models Own Hed Kandi in Ibiza Mix which is a polish with a clear base and pink, blue, gold and purple glitter running throughout. The glitter particles are quite large, which give the nails more of a speckly look rather than fine shimmery glitter. I have done quite a thin coat which makes the glitter very sparse, but this is easily buildable. I haven’t tried too many Models Own polishes, but I am very impressed with this glitter. It goes on evenly, which is sometimes an issue for other glitters with larger particles, and this one in particular goes with so many different polishes. 

My last two Manicure Mondays have been very glitter-heavy and removing glitter polishes is not always easy. Stay tuned for next weeks post on my tips and tricks!


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