Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette | Review and Swatches

Makeup Revolution is the brand on everybody’s lips right now. Not only are they affordable, but they are getting rave reviews left, right and centre. Being incredibly late on the bandwagon, I thought it was about time that I picked up something from the brand, and as their eyeshadow palettes are probably their most popular (or at least most reviewed), I thought it was only right to start with one.

The Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette contains 12 eyeshadows, all matte finish. It mostly consists of cool-tone neutral shades, but also has a blue and a couple of purples, giving a bit of a spin on a classic. In terms of the quality, and as you will see in the swatches, the darker colours are much richer and pigmented. The lighter shades in the palette are a little on the chalky side, but when blended out and used on the lids they are actually nice shades. I think perhaps they shouldn’t have included as many of these pale shades as they end up looking the same, but the colour selection is actually really nice. On the whole, they all wear well, they blend out nicely and are decent shadows to say the least. 

These obviously aren’t the best quality shadows I have ever tried, but they are amongst the best of the budget options available on the market. For the price – these 12 shadow palettes retail at only £4 – these are incredible. This is absolutely perfect for someone who wants to build their makeup collection but doesn’t have the budget for Mac or other coveted high end brands. Its also a great palette to have to use as counterparts to other palettes. Many palettes are full of shimmer and sparkle and although they are far more fun, you often need a matte crease colour or highlight to dial down the look somewhat.  

Its hard to criticise a palette that is so affordable, as you are getting a lot for your money here. I think it just depends on what type of spender or makeup-wearer you are, and whether you want lots of affordable products or a few of incredible quality that were more of an investment. I am somewhat in the middle of those – being the beauty addict that I am, I just want it all. Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? Leave me your recommendations below!


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