Eyebrow Routine | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe – Review and Swatches

Lately I’ve become quite fickle with my brow products. I haven’t repurchased the same one since the Mac Brows in Fling (which I love) as nothing seems to have quite stepped up to the mark. I have a tendency (some may say problem) that when I find a product I really like, I don’t necessary stick with it just in case there is something superior on the market, and due to the vastness of the beauty industry, its likely that there is. Lets just say that I may have found my favourite brow product so far…

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a cult product that pretty much everyone is talking about. As my hair is blonde, I chose the lightest shade Taupe. It is a slightly ashy shade of brown, but not too grey and not too warm. I would say this is the perfect shade for my brows, and can see it working well more most blondes. In terms of the formula, it is slightly on the hard side, which I personally prefer. It means that it doesn’t apply too much product, which results in a much more natural finish. The tip is very fine which enables you to draw in very fine hair-like lines, which is great for filling in sparse gaps. 

Right now, I prefer a more natural looking brow, so I begin by filling in the outer two thirds of the brow. This is where I deposit more product as this is where I want the most definition. When it comes to the inner portion, I apply a product very sparingly. I fill in as much as I need to make the eyebrows somewhat match, but I like to keep the inside looking as free of as possible. I find the built-in spooley extremely handy, and brush through my brows before and after filling them in to ensure they are in the right shape and that there is no product buildup (I will never understand why there isn’t one included with every brow pencil…).


If you’re looking for a new brow pencil and you haven’t tried the Brow Wiz yet, I would definitely recommend picking this up. Whether you like natural or more defined brows, I think this is versatile enough to suit both those needs. Have you ever tried anything from Anastasia Beverly Hills? The Dip Brow Pomade is next on my wishlist…


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