Going Through My Mum’s Beauty Stash

When it comes to where I got my obsession for all things beauty from, it definitely wasn’t my mum – she has a much more refined arsenal of products, but she tends to stay very loyal to what she loves. So I thought I’d rack her brains and see what her all-time favourite products are…

Since she discovered the Liz Earle skincare range, she has been hooked ever since. The product that kick started her love for the range was the Cleanse and Polish. The texture is luxurious and leaves the skin feeling cleansed and nourished at the same time, and the smell is just heavenly
Another step she never skips is moisturising her body. Her current favourite is the Sanctuary Body Butter, which is incredibly hydrating. She loves the whole range from Sanctuary and she even got me hooked on the Shower Cream – all the products smell like you’ve stepped into a spa. The best part is that they won’t break the bank. 
And finally, arguably my mum’s saviour product, is Biofreeze. This is a drug-free pain relieving gel. As she suffers chronic pain, this gel offers a cooling relief to help soothe any pain in her joints. The Roll-On version is her favourite, as it makes it really easy to apply when she’s out and about. This is a great alternative to painkillers, and something that she always keeps in her handbag. 
So that rounds up her three must-have products! The best part about talking about all things beauty with my mum is that if she recommends a product, you know she loves it as she’s very loyal and consistent to her routine. What are your mum’s fave beauty products? 

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