L’Oreal Glam Bronze in Golden Bronze | Review

If there is one area that the high street hasn’t quite nailed on the head, it’s bronzers. There’s something about the budget options that is always a bit off. They’re normally too shimmery, too orange, too patchy… The list goes on and on. When I was browsing the aisles of Boots and spotted this new release from L’Oreal, I was very intrigued. From just looking at it from afar, I could tell that it was a gorgeous shade, and I had to pick it up. So prepare yourself, I may just have found the perfect budget bronzer…

The L’Oreal Glam Bronze in Golden Bronze retails for £7.99. There are two shades in this line, and this is the darker of the two (if you’re very pale, the lighter shade may be worth checking out!). It is a somewhat neutral bronzer; it is not overly red, orange or grey based, and sits somewhere in the middle of all of those. I sit somewhere between an NC20 and an NC30 and I find this too be a perfect shade of bronzer for me, particularly when I’m tanned. It is completely matte, which I love, and therefore can be used for both bronzing up the skin and contouring. 

It is quite pigmented, but not so pigmented that it becomes difficult to apply or blend into the skin. It applies beautifully and evenly to the skin and also wears incredibly well – longevity tends to be an issue for me when it comes to budget cheek products. 

This bronzer has definitely surprised me and is up there with my absolute favourite, Nars Laguna. If you’re in the market for a new bronzer, I would highly recommend picking this up!


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