How To Wear a Dark Lip

If you’re anything like me, then as soon as the weather starts getting a little bit chillier and the leaves begin to turn, the dark autumnal lip shades slowly creep in to the daily makeup routine. However, these bolder lip choices are far more high maintenance that your chuck-it-on-and-go sheer nude, and for this reason I bring you my top tips for rocking a dark lip this autumn/winter.

Step 1: Exfoliate and Moisturise

Dry and chapped lips are practically inevitable in the cold weather, so looking after them is essential. I always like to exfoliate my lips to get rid of any dead skin, and for this I use the Kiko Lip Scrub (£5.90, Kiko). This particular scrub is great because it comes in stick form as opposed to the usual tubs that can get quite messy. It is then important to follow up with something to hydrate the lips. My go-to recently has been the Lotil Original Lip Care SPF 30 (£1.18, independent pharmacies). It moisturises the lips without leaving much residue or a glossy finish, making it perfect to wear underneath lipstick. 
Step 2: Line
Lip liner has become somewhat of an obsession of mine; I can’t remember the last time I wore lipstick without it. It makes it easier to perfect the shape of your lips, prolong the longevity of your lipstick and intensify any colour that you apply on top. For dark lips, the Mac Lip Pencil in Beet is a great option – it is a reddish-pink, but the berry hues allows it to be a great accompaniment to both lighter and brighter shades and the deep dark purples. 
Step 3: Apply
This part is pretty much down to personal preference. If I have used a lip liner, I am more than happy to apply straight from the bullet, but a lip brush will allow for further precision. Once I apply one layer, I will go in and blot the lips with a tissue, and then reapply and blot again. I repeat this process a couple of times as it really helps to make the lipstick stay in place all day as you have created many thin layers that almost create a stain on the lips.
So those are my top tips for wearing dark lipstick shades. What are your favourite autumnal lip colours? Do you have any amazing tips?

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