Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Hot Pepper | Review

Liquid lipsticks are having their moment right now and it seems that everyone is lusting over these Bourjois versions. I’m a big fan of liquid lipsticks in general – I usually opt for a matte finish and a long-lasting formulas and liquid lipsticks always seem to be the best option. So, does this live up to its hype?

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks retail at £8.99. I picked up the shade Hot Pepper which is a bright slightly orangey-toned red, a very typical me shade. The shade range is a little limited but there does seem to be some incredible bold colours on offer. The formulation of this lipstick is incredible, and is potentially one of the best liquid lipsticks that I have come across. It applies slightly sheer, but unlike many others (i.e. Hourglass Opaque Rouge) you can actually build up layers with this. I am all for layering lip products as this does wonders for the longevity and also means that you can actually touch up throughout the day without it getting cakey and feeling really gloopy on your lips.

However, I actually didn’t need to touch up this lipstick. This lasted so long on the lips, and the only way to remove it is with some sort of makeup remover or cleanser. It wore impeccably through eating and drinking and managed to look fresh all day long. It is matte so does feel slightly drying but it is by no means as drying as other formulas out there. 

So if you can’t tell by my gushing for this product, I am completely in love with this lipstick. If you love your bold colours like me, then these are an absolute must have. This is potentially the perfect long-lasting formula, and I will be very surprised if I don’t ‘accidentally’ pop a few more of these in my basket on my next trip to Boots…

Tom Ford Wild Ginger

An orangey-red is possibly my favourite lip colour to wear ever. There is something about a bright punchy firey-red that is so striking, yet really flattering and easy to wear. Every time I went to a Tom Ford counter I always had to swatch this on my hand but just couldn’t justify the price tag. Apparently my boyfriend was taking notes as I ended up receiving this as an anniversary present!

Wild Ginger is a bright orange based red. When you first apply this lipstick it is very creamy and leaves quite a creamy and glossy finish but as it wears throughout the day the sheen fades and it becomes more matte. For a creamy lipstick this is surprisingly long lasting – it stayed on my lips through eating and drinking. Also can we take a moment to swoon over the packaging? Stun-ning. 

This is obviously a splurgy purchase at £36, and I wouldn’t say that you need this in your life. If money isn’t an issue then it is definitely a great luxury purchase, or if you love the shade, maybe its something to put on your next christmas or birthday wish list! Having the lipstick, I am absolutely head over heels in love with it and I probably would repurchase or ask for it again if I ran out (however I am one of those weird people that for ages after I get it still apply it from the back so I don’t ruin the embossed TF!)

What is your opinion on luxury makeup? Do you think it’s worth the money?


Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Review & Swatches | Just Peachy & Picnic in the Park

It’s always exciting when YouTubers or bloggers are able to further their career outside of their channel or blog. Blogging is really a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry, and it shows the influence that all the big bloggers have over the mainstream customers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Tanya Burr has released her own lip glosses and nail polishes. I was a little wary at first, as they were only available online, but once they were released in stores in Superdrug, I definitely had to pick some up.

The lip glosses retail for an affordable £6.99, and for those outside of the UK can be purchased here on Feelunique. I’m not normally a lip gloss gal, so when looking through the shades, I decided to go for some lighter shades that were more appropriate for everyday wear. The first shade I picked up was Just Peachy. I will warn you that this is a very light shade, and worn on its own (swatched below) it is almost too light for me. It is slightly milky and slightly accentuated any imperfections in my lips, so you will need to exfoliate and hydrate before using this one. However, when using this over lipstick, it works great at toning down and lightening shades, so is perfect to pair over shades that are maybe a touch too dark for your skin tone. 

The second shade, and probably my favourite out of the two, is Picnic in the Park. This is a pretty mid-tone pink shade, that I found really brightened up the face. It has a similar milky texture as Just Peachy but it applied much more smoothly onto the lips. Both shades have a nice amount of shine, and are sticky in formula but nothing too overbearing. I find that stickier lip glosses tend to hang around longer on the lips, and these glosses lasted a good few hours before fading. 

Just Peachy

Picnic in the Park

I’m not completely blown away by these, but they are decent glosses. I am all for supporting any bloggers or YouTubers, and I think Tanya has done a pretty good job here. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Manicure Monday for a post on one of the nail polishes in the range. Have you tried any of Tanya Burr’s products?


Mac Peach Blossom & Back to Mac Explained

Mac is by far my go-to brand for lipsticks. Their amazing range of colours and finishes means that there is something for everyone, from the most daring to the natural-beauty lovers (check out my favourites here). In case you weren’t aware, Mac offer a scheme called ‘Back to Mac’ which allows you to give back old and finished items in exchange for a lipstick. Over the years I have managed this many times, and is a great way to recycle and to try out new shades.

So what is Back to Mac? 

Back to Mac is a program that encourages recycling of Mac products. Once you finish up 6 products in their primary packaging, you can take them into your local store or counter and exchange them for a free lipstick of your choice (I think some stores also offer an eyeshadow or lipgloss). Think of it like a coffee shop loyalty card…

Recently I finished 6 products (4 brow pencils, brush cleanser and a studio fix concealer, to be exact) and I took them all to a mac store and exchanged them for Peach Blossom. Mac describes this shades as a ‘frosty cool nude’, which I don’t feel is a fitting description. For me this is a natural light peachy-pink shade, perfect for everyday. It has a cremesheen finish, but unlike others that I own, it has a lot less pigmentation. It still has the same creamy consistency, and glides along the lips, but it is quite sheer. For me, this makes it even more wearable as it’s a low maintenance lipstick that isn’t going to take too much trouble topping up throughout the day. Although I have many lipsticks, missing from my collection was the perfect every day shade, and I think this may have just filled that void. This would also be a great one to pair with smokey or heavy eye make up to keep everything balanced. 

So the next time you go to throw away your Mac foundation, think twice. Holding on to your products can feel a little crazy like you’re hoarding rubbish, but the free lipstick is 100% worth it. What’s the next lipstick on your wish list?


3 Orange Lips

Lipsticks are definitely my thing – if you hadn’t noticed in the background of most of my pictures, I have several drawers full to the brim of them. I will wear pretty much any colour, but when it comes to bold lips – and especially because summer is approaching – I tend to gravitate towards orange tones. I find they look great with a tan, and really bring out the blue in my eyes. I think there is an orange lip out there for everyone, from the bright lipstick-phobes to the bold lipstick obsessives. Today I bring you three of my favourites, from the sheer to the in-your-face loud orange.

Let’s begin with the sheerest of the three. The release of the Lip Butters sent the blogging world into a frenzy, and everyone couldn’t get enough of these. This is a slightly newer shade of the bunch, and is a sheer yet bright orange. The formula of these is really great – they apply with the feeling of a lip balm and are really comfortable on the lips. However, unlike some other tinted lip balms, they still deposit a decent amount of colour on the lips. If you’re a little afraid of orange lipsticks then this would be a good place to start. You’re not quite committing to the full-blown bright lip, but it leaves a nice sheer wash of orange. This is a great low maintenance option that you can throw on in the morning and not have to worry too much about it. 

If you are a lover of red lipsticks but you’re not quite ready for a full blown orange lip, then an orange-toned red may be one to try. The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils – another product everyone loves – are amazingly formulated. If you love a matte lip then you need one in your collection. The pencil form makes it so easy to apply, they are so creamy and pigmented and best of all, unlike some matte formulas, they don’t dry out your lips. Red Square is a really vibrant orange-toned red which is perfect for the summer months. This shade is a nice modern twist on the classic red lip, and is another one that will suit so many different skin tones.

I mentioned this lipstick in my top Mac lipsticks post here, and it is one of my favourite and go-to bright lips. It is probably one of the most famous orange lipsticks, and is definitely worth the hype. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted – it is described as a ‘loudmouth orange’ for a reason. It is a bright orange with a slight red undertone, making it easy to wear. The formula on this is beautiful – it has the right amount of moisture to make it comfortable, but it is still extremely pigmented and long-lasting. If you want to go all out, this is one you have to have.

(Apologies for the inconsistencies in lighting – I couldn’t quite get Morange to show up true to life, so I used the picture from my previous post!)

If you liked the format of this post, I have also showcased three of my favourite red lipsticks here. I’m sure that I will do the same with all my other favourite lip colours to wear…


Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms | Review and Swatches

I was a little late on the bandwagon on these – every Boots and Superdrug I went in to, the stands were really messy and half of the shades were missing. But finally, after rifling through the drawers underneath the displays, I picked up three shades on 3 for 2 at Boots. I have been so excited for these ever since I heard American bloggers and youtubers talking about them months ago, and I am so happy these have finally hit the UK. The Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms retail for £7.99, and are still currently on offer at Boots.

I picked up three shades: Standout, a deep blue-toned red, Shameless, a true rich purple and Elusive, a neutral yellow-based mid-tone pink. I’ve found that all shades perform quite consistently, which is great to see across a range. They apply with a slightly satin finish, but I found that they dry much more matte. The pencil shape makes them really easy to apply – they are much more precise than a regular-shaped lipstick. All three are very creamy and incredibly pigmented. What is great about this formula is that isn’t too drying, which can be the downfall of some matte lipsticks.

The only con I’ve noticed is that they aren’t as long wearing as other matte formulas that I own – especially the Mac mattes and the Nars Velvet Matte Lip pencils. Saying that, they do hold up relatively well throughout the day, even when eating food and drinking. The formula just means you have to take extra steps to making it last longer – I find blotting and reapplying several layers works well. 




All in all, I would definitely recommend these lip products. They haven’t topped the list of my favourite matte formulas, but they are definitely good option. If you are new to matte lips, these might be a good place to start as they’re easy to apply and not to expensive. Have you picked up any of these?


3 Red Lips

Red lipsticks are my weakness – I have managed to build quite a substantial collection. Everybody can pull off a red lip, its just a matter of finding one with the right tone to suit your face. Personally, I wear all sorts of reds, as I normally like to play up the lips when doing my makeup. Today I bring you three of my faves, from high-end to budget friendly.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain – 9 Rouge Laque

The most expensive of the lineup, and one that was very hyped on its release. This was a very innovative product from YSL – if you haven’t read about/bought it already, this is a long lasting lip colour with a glossy finish. I like to apply 2 or 3 layers and blot in between to ensure the longest lasting application. The glossy finish lasts around 4 hours, and when it fades it leaves a stain on the lips. What I love about this particular formula, is that is really easy to reapply unlike some lip stains and it doesn’t dry out your lips. Shade 9 is a bright yellow toned red. 

Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick in Non-Stop Red
The budget option and a Lisa Eldridge recommendation (if you don’t watch her videos on youtube, you must!). This is a really great long-lasting matte formula that really does stay on the lips for hours. You have to make sure that your lips are well exfoliated and hydrated as imperfections can show through. However, if you like a matte formula, you will no doubt enjoy this. Non-Stop Red is a bright slightly pink-toned red.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb
Last not least, is the most classic shade of red amongst the three in this post. The release of the Revolution lipsticks was also a big one. They claim to have everything – longevity, high pigmentation and hydration. I am pleased to say that this lipstick really does deliver, and is one of the most comfortable lipsticks to wear even though it is a long lasting formula. F-Bomb is a slightly deepened blue-toned red, and one of those reds which make your teeth look really white.

I could ramble on about red lipsticks all day, and I have such an extensive list of favourites that would have made this blog post tediously long. As you may be able to tell from the three I decided to feature in this post, I love long-lasting formulas and I would recommend all of these completely. What’s your go-to red?


Best of Mac | My Top Lipsticks

Mac was probably the brand that really got me into makeup. I remember walking into a Mac store for the first time and being so overwhelmed with the amount of shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks and everything in between. About 5 years on I am much more confident, and practically know the whole brand inside and out, which has resulted in building quite a substantial Mac collection. I was planning a favourite Mac product post, but my list got so long that I thought I should separate into different categories: lipsticks, eyeshadows and face products. 

Mac lipsticks (£15 here) are by far my favourite out there – the range of finishes and shades means that there is one for every occasion, and you are more than likely going to find the exact shade you are looking for. 

Creme Cup is described as a ‘light blue pink’, with a Cremesheen finish. Cremesheens apply, like the name suggests, very creamily and smooth and leave a slightly glossy finish to the lips, but are still opaque. Out of the finishes  mentioned in this post, it is the most moisturising. I love using this lipstick when I’m going for a nude lip – it has just enough pink in it that it doesn’t make me look dead. 

Ravishing is described as a ‘clean light peachy coral’, again with a cremesheen finish. I sometimes find that when I am at my palest this can pull a little too orange on me, but it is a great everyday summer colour. I find that cremesheens last about 4 hours on my lips, especially these light colours.

Morange is described as a ‘loudmouth orange’ with an amplified finish. This is my go-to summer colour, and definitely not one for the faint-hearted. It does lean slightly red when on the lips, but is still very orange. The amplified finish is probably my favourite – it is completely opaque and has a semi-matte finish so it is not as drying. They are also really long-lasting, and just an all-round perfect formula for someone who loves bold lips. 

Impassioned is described as a ‘amped-up fuchsia’ with an amplified finish. This to me is more of a yellow-toned pink than a fuchsia and can pull slightly red on my lips. I have seen this lipstick on several different people and it can look different on everyone depending on skin tone and natural lip pigmentation. It is a lipstick that I get most complimented on, and think it is a perfect colour for those with pale skin or blonde hair – although it seems like a lipstick that would work on all skin tones. 

Candy Yum Yum is described as a ‘neon pink’ with a matte finish. Forget morange, this is the brightest lipstick I have ever come across. It is definitely a neon lipstick, and wearing it brings a lot of attention – I find a lot of people staring at my lips when I wear this! Even though its matte, I don’t find it to be too drying. This stays on my lips like no other but it can be quite difficult to remove.

Rebel is described as a ‘midtonal cream plum’ with a satin finish. I find that it is a purple-toned berry, and is quite a versatile lipstick. I sometimes like to wear this blended into the lips like a stain for a subtle berry lip or full on to create a bold dark lip. The satin finish is much like the amplified finish, but with less of a sheen. It almost has the longevity of a matte, but without the drying nature (candy yum yum being an exception of course), so it sits somewhere in between.

Dark Side is described as a ‘deep burgundy’ with an amplified finish. This is a very vampy lip, perfect for autumn/winter. This is a versatile lipstick as I either leave it glossy or blot it and leave it as a matte lipstick. It can be hard to wear a dark lip, but I find it looks best with fresh natural-looking skin and not too much on the eyes which creates a really chic and modern look.

From left to right: Dark side, Rebel, Candy Yum Yum, Impassioned, Morange, Ravishing, Creme Cup

Honourable Mentions
There were some lipsticks that I couldn’t show in this post but I thought I should put them in the end anyway. Hue is a nude lipstick and one of my favourite lipsticks, but I stupidly took it on a night out and lost it. Riri Woo – a blue toned matte red, very similar to Ruby Woo, is also worth a mention, because even though it isn’t currently available, it will be out again in a collection soon. It is a great limited edition lipstick to own, and always sells out.

Mac lipsticks are an addiction of mine, and my collection will no doubt continue to grow. Coming up soon – my top Mac eyeshadows.


Hourglass Opaque Liquid Rouge in Empress | Review

Hourglass is a brand that everyone in the blogging world seems to be talking about and my first venture into the brand was about a year ago when I got talked into buying this Opaque Liquid Rouge in Empress (£23 here) at the Liberty counter. Empress is a deep burgundy shade with a matte finish.

The Claims:
A richly pigmented, silky smooth and velvety matte lip color that delivers extended wear without flaking or dryness. 

The Verdict:
The gunmetal packaging is very luxurious and compact, and when closing the product you hear that satisfying *click* which makes it bag and travel friendly. The flattened doe-foot applicator makes it easy to spread the product over the lips – although you have to be careful and be quite precise.

On first application, I wasn’t too keen. It wasn’t until I properly learnt how to apply it that it actually started to become one of my favourite lip products. I found (and also later discovered that Hourglass recommends) that the lips must be completely clean with no remaining balm or product and very well exfoliated. Then you must only apply one layer onto both lips and do not touch them together until they are completely dry – about 30 seconds does the trick. The product sets completely to a matte finish. The texture is creamy and silky and it applies completely opaque onto the lips. It isn’t drying and doesn’t flake as long as the lips were not dry to begin with. 

It lasts well throughout the day and holds up well through eating and drinking. However, it isn’t possible to retouch this lipstick – if this is a must, you have to remove it all before reapplying or it will flake on the lips. For me, this is a perfect fuss-free night out lipstick, as it will look good all night long. 

I am now very happy that I was talked into buying this and if you’re in the market for a high-end matte lipstick, this may be one to consider. Personally, I have my eye on some other shades (riviera and ballet – I’m looking at you). Someone hold my purse…